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Rashad really cared about where I wanted to go with my health. Each time we met, the exercises he set for me were specific to what I wanted to achieve. I felt good after each session mentally and physically. I will be linking with him again!



Rashad is an awesome trainer! Before I made the committment to getting a trainer, I was “doing my own thing” in the gym and not getting the actual physique/results I wanted. Rashad took the time to ask about my current eating/exercise regimen, asked about my comfort level in trying different things, and formed a training program that was right for me. I made it clear to Rashad that I didn’t want a drill sergeant, but someone who could give me a little more compassionate yet stern motivation. When I wanted to quit, he kindly held me accountable. He did the workouts with me often to show support. That for me is why I have asked for his services again. I had 8 sessions with him, lost a couple of inches in all the right places ;-) and felt motivated to stay healthy. Rashad was always on time, easy to reach, and professional! 5 Stars all around!



I was looking for a trainer that could keep me motivated and focused! Rashad was that guy! I’ve trained with other trainers but he was different! First time in my life seeing my abs! Give him a few months and just trust the process!

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This was my first time really working out and having a personal trainer so I was very shy starting off, but Rashad made me feel comfortable during our sessions. He made sure he corrected my form to ensure I remained safe from all injuries. But the thing I loved most was that he pushed me to my limits every session without letting up, as well as keeping me motivated throughout the process and that was what I really needed in a trainer!



Rashad is a great trainer! I told him my goals and he helped me establish a plan to achieve them. We started at a great pace and my strength has doubled since working out with him. He ensures that my technique is correct to avoid any injuries. He also holds me accountable and gives me an extra push when I need it. Rashad is very professional. He is punctual and has never canceled on me. I highly recommend his services!

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Before I discovered the program I was struggling with losing 50lbs. You can ask my friends...I was in the gym 3-5 times a week and generally ate healthy (and indulged of course). But for 4 years i yo-yo’d....losing 30lbs gaining it back...losing 15 gaining it back...etc. I even tried just about every diet under the sun. Including starvation lol! Definitely don’t miss that! I was very VERY frustrated. The frustration felt like a broken dream x1000. I felt as though I was doing everything right but getting nowhere very FAST! I started to think that I would be a big girl forever and to just accept it and eat the friggin cookie and have the slice of pizza. I convinced myself that my body was perhaps not built to be smaller framed. The program changed my life!!! A few months prior to starting, I knew I needed to do something different. I had considered getting a trainer but me and my coins have a very tight relationship lol. I did not want to spend the money! Finally I convinced myself that I was worth the investment! And boy am I glad I did! Sometimes you don’t know how much you need something until you have it. The program was different in that Rashad took my goals and dreams and ran with them! He uses his expertise in personal training and created a customized program specifically designed to produce results for me. Funny thing was that I wasn’t the first to begin seeing the changes! It was other people. My clothes were fitting looser but I still felt the same and the scale would NOT let me be great. But the moment I pulled out a pair of jeans that have been in my closet for 2+yrs that I could never fit, slid them on and they were loose...that’s when I knew it was happening! Now life looks great! (It was always great but now it’s more great lol) ;-) I enjoy working out. The program keeps things challenging and interesting. Before you couldn’t catch me near any type of weight machine. Now I am excited to hit the weights! My weight loss goal is now 80lbs because I know and feel it’s possible. I also want to tone full body. With the program anything is possible. I. CAN. DO. ANYTHING.

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My nephew, Jalen just completed his high school freshman football season. He didn't get as much playing time as he would have liked on the varsity team. He wanted to get more stronger and explosive. Over the past 6 weeks, the training with Rashad Owens has been great! He carved out a specific plan for what was requested plus some additional. The results are showing in the on-the-field work as well as the off-season workout program with the team. After each session, there is a re-cap email sent, which gives blunt feedback and goals to work towards. Overall great experience. Looking forward to continuing the program!!



I trained with Rashad over the summer and I started off with no confidence in my leg strength. Rashad motivated me and gave me the confidence I needed to lift heavier weight and build up the muscle groups in my legs. I am now squatting twice as much weight as I was squatting at the beginning of the summer.

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